My Favorite Coffees

What is a morning without a coffee? I seriously do not know if I can answer that question. I live for my morning (and sometimes afternoon, the occasional night) coffee. Lately, I have been trying to make it from my room more to save money. But, spending money on coffee is always something I can get behind. 

Here are five of my favorite coffee places and what I get from them!!

  1. Marylou’s

It breaks my heart that this is a south shore chain and the closest one to my house is over an hour away because I am OBSESSED. It’s known as the best coffee in town and is a pink store!! Their cups are pink and the whole store is pink. I make their hazelnut creme coffee at home but I absolutely love their turtle iced coffee every single time I go! They have so many specialty flavors and sometimes they have cupcakes. 

  1. Brilla

This is one of my newest coffee discoveries from my hometown. It is such a cute store with tons of pastries and candles. My go-to coffee here is love brulee which is a caramel/vanilla combo!

  1. Share Coffee Amherst

This is an Amherst coffee essential! It’s a walking distance from campus and also features outdoor seating for warmer mornings. Their grilled cheese is unreal!! College really turned me into a grilled cheese person. They serve their coffee in cute jars if you don’t ask for it to go. I tend to get a vanilla iced coffee with almond milk. So amazing!! 

  1. Shelburne Falls  Coffee

Another UMass off campus coffee essential. This one is a little bit further off campus, so it requires a drive. This was one of my fall favorites so when I went I would get a pumpkin cream cold brew. 

  1. Dunkin

It honestly felt wrong not to include Dunkin. I am a HUGE Dunkin over Starbucks girl. If I’m being honest sometimes I don’t know if there is anything better than the everything bagel- caramel swirl iced coffee combination. 

I love pretty much all iced coffee and I am always open to trying new things! Leave some of your favorite places and orders below so I can try them!




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