A Week in The Life 3/7

Happy Monday and spring break to those who are off for the week! This last week was a push to finish all my work, clean my room before break, and complete my last field hockey workouts before I came home. I finished my math exam that I had spent the previous week studying for and feel pretty good about it, especially now that it is over. Our mask mandate got lifted on Wednesday so you know what that means- people can actually see the lip gloss you’re wearing. I also started making selections for what course I will take this summer while I am at school. Hoping that I get Nutrition 130, Intro to Oceanography 103, or My Body My Health 160.

I got to see one of my best friends Bryn this weekend! She was on her spring break so we went thrift shopping and to Target. (The thrift haul is posted!) I would love to visit Ohio soon! I’ve never been out that way.

I also did a lot of shopping with my mom this weekend. At Ulta I bought the Ari by Ariana Grande perfume so it can be my new spring/summer fragrance and the cotton candy Tree Hut body scrub. I have been seeing the Tree Hut scrubs all over tik tok so I thought I would try it.It’s pink and sparkly so I love it already. Cotton candy is also one of my favorite artificial scents. At Nordstrom Rack I found white cheetah Adidas sneakers. Perfect for walking around campus. 

I am so close to finishing American Wife! This week I spent a day sitting at Isenberg near the window so I could feel the sunlight on me reading. It was the perfect form of self care. We have so so so many books at my house so since I’ve been home, I’ve created a stack to read. Summer of ‘69, Golden Girl, Girl Wash Your Face, Tuesday Nights in 1980, and American Dirt are just a few of the many stacked up beside my bed. I love reading on the plane and outside when it’s nice out so I will definitely make progress while I am in South Carolina. 

As for music, I have been wicked (can you tell I’ve lived in Mass my whole life) into Britney Spears this week. I have always been a fan of hers. The Toxic Pony remix has been my go to get ready song. Of course, I also love the original Toxic, Womanizer, and Gimme More.

This week definitely felt long as it was all about tying up loose ends before break. However, it was still a successful week. I will miss my friends from school, Isenberg, and the Thursday night spin classes this week. It’s always nice to come home and have a reset where I can see my dogs, sleep in my own bed, play cards with my mom and brother, and go to my local gym. I am looking forward to sunny South Carolina! Manifesting gorgeous weather and a golden tan! Spreading love always! 



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2 responses to “A Week in The Life 3/7”

  1. Americaoncoffee Avatar

    Congratulations Hannah! You deserve lots of hugs and rest! Here’s to your success and many more: 💞💞💞heart hugs and fragrant flowers.🌺🌺🌺


    1. Thank you!! Have an amazing week!!

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