A Week in the Life 2/28

Happy Monday! The first Monday without a Euphoria Sunday the night before. I seriously don’t know how long I can wait until season three. Hopefully, season 3 of OBX will be out soon. That is another one of my favorite shows. (No, like I’ve literally rewatched it 9 times). 

Yesterday I had my first indoor tournament. We came out with an overall win of the entire tournament- so exciting!! This is my last week before spring break so we will be hitting all of our max efforts in the weight room and starting our outdoor season. Then my last semester of freshman year will be halfway over which actually makes me really sad- I am really starting to become so comfortable. I won’t lie though, I am so excited for my South Carolina trip!! 

Since it’s my last week before break I have my first math exam today. I spent a lot of this week studying and preparing. Luckily it is the only exam I’ve needed to prepare for this week. It gave me more time to read a little bit of American Wife throughout the week. I also had time to finally get my nails done again. This time I strayed from my usual pink and went for a sparkly light blue with stars on my ring fingers. Perfect for South Carolina and spring coming up! 

Another exciting thing about this week was my friends and I bought tickets for Jack Harlow in May!! May- my favorite month! I’m not a huge Jack Harlow listener, but I made a playlist and started to listen to him more. I always love having something exciting to look forward to for when times get tough or when the day feels unbearable. At the end of the month I am going to Boston with Women in Business! I met with my peer mentor for the first time this week, she was so kind and I can’t wait for the trip!

Song of the week= Broadway Girls by Morgan Wallen and Lil Durk. Something about this strange collaboration makes for an amazing country song. I love my country. On Thursday, I attended a spin class (this week didn’t have a theme) with Paige. I love sweating everything out and putting my phone away for an hour and just immersing myself in the class and the music.

Overall it was a successful week although I felt like I had a lot of work spread throughout the week. I made it through my daily goals and have been making solid progress in my March goals. Manifesting a prosperous week filled with good grades, amazing iced coffees, and hitting my max goals before my rest and relaxation week during spring break! Love to you all!



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