How to Improve Your Mornings

Good morning!! I hope you’re already having a lovely morning and an even better Saturday filled with sunshine and iced coffee. If you aren’t having the best morning, don’t worry there’s still time to turn the day around. I bring to you seven ways to improve your mornings- coming from a midmorning person! (I am not a 6 am morning person, but an 8 am morning person, you feel me?) 

  1. Start waking up ten minutes earlier than you need to wake up. These ten minutes give you time to lay in bed, manifest or set your intentions for the day, and maybe read the daily news on Snapchat, or check your horoscope.(Where are my other Virgos at!!)
  2. Set your alarm to one of your favorite pump up songs. I love waking up to Kesha. It makes me feel hyped and ready to go even if I know my day isn’t always going to start off wicked exciting.
  3. Have a morning “treat” you look forward to having. Mine of course is iced coffee. However, if you aren’t a coffee person maybe you look forward to kombucha, tea, lemon water, or a chocolate chip muffin. Your motivator doesn’t have to be food either, you could also amp yourself up with time to watch an episode of your favorite show or read or chapter of your book. Whatever gets you out of bed! 
  4. Plan your outfit. When I like my outfit my day is at least 75% better. Especially when I plan my outfit the night before and I am excited to wear what I picked out all day. Dressing up makes me feel more put together which correlates to more productivity and a better day all around.
  5. Say your affirmations. I know it sounds stupid and this notion is  everywhere right now. But affirmations are so real! If you say three nice statements to yourself in the mirror every morning you will start to feel more positive about yourself. I am confident. I am loved. I am enough. 
  6. Set your intentions. This is different from saying your affirmations even though they sound very similar. If you have time, write down your goals for the day. Whether they are small goals like getting out of bed by 10 or larger goals like hitting 115 on my bench press, write them down!! You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down! (This is a statistic from Forbes).  
  7. Let some sunlight in. If possible open up your blinds and let the sunlight into your room or living space. Sunlight is a perfect provider of vitamin D and an instant source of happiness! 

Mornings can be tough. Some are definitely way better or way easier to wake up then others. There’s a vast difference between waking up at 5am for a flight to Florida and waking up at 5am to play in a tournament. Taking every small step you can to improve your mood early in the day will lead to better days (que  NEIKED, Mae Muller, and Polo G). Manifesting a fabulous Saturday for you all!!




5 responses to “How to Improve Your Mornings”

  1. You made me think about my own wardrobe. I do feel if I had a better selection, I’d have a more upbeat mood sometimes. It’s hard being a single mom.


    1. Yes! New clothing or even dressing up your current clothing is an amazing way to improve your mental health. I always feel so much more productive and happy when I like my outfit!


  2. I like your tips. We all need to rise up stronger with vibrant attitudes. Cheers!


    1. Yes! Starting the day off better makes the day itself better 🙂 xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. )))❤️(((


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