A Week in the Life 1/31

Hey guys and Happy Monday! Grab your iced matcha latte and play your relaxation playlist- it’s time to debrief the last week and set our intentions for the next one! Unfortunately it was another icy week here in Amherst as we entered February and according to the groundhog we will have another six weeks of this! That’s okay- the cold days make the warm ones that much better.

Anyway, I have spent the last week patiently (patiently used lightly) waiting for the next episode of Euphoria. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who aren’t caught up or don’t watch, but woww they left us with a lot to take in. Besides that my external media in take has actually been low because my classes have started to pick up! I am still reading American Wife at a leisurely pace. I’ve been spending my other free time outside of class and hockey with friends or completing work. My favorite study space at UMass is Isenberg. That’s the school of business, where most of my major classes are located. They also have a marvelous little cafe where I get my iced caramel macchiatos, green smoothies, and my favorite combo on a wintry day- grilled cheese and tomato soup. On Thursday mornings I go with Paige and Elizabeth for green smoothies and iced macchiatos. Such a refreshing way to start my Thursday after practice. 

As for music, beyond my Taylor Swift studying playlist I am a HUGE country fan. Seriously from the honky tonk country to the basic Morgan Wallen  country, I love it all. This past summer I saw Zac Brown Band at Fenway and it was one of my all time favorite concerts I have ever been to. I listen to my country and pretend I am somewhere warm… which speaking of, this week I booked my ticket to South Carolina for spring break!!  I have never been and my friend Brooke goes to school there so I am so excited to visit her and go to Charleston! 

I have a few new essentials this week. As usual things from past weeks tend to remain constant (Iced brown sugar shaken espresso has my heart!) but there are always a few things I tend to add in. This week I have spent a lot of time (maybe too much) online shopping- which means hauls will be coming soon!! I ordered a few things that all go well together from Pura Vida (use code HANNAHBERRY27 for 20% off your Pura Vida purchases) and that I will be wearing in South Carolina. They currently have the cutest Valentine’s day collection and a ton of sea turtle accessories. I am a huge advocate for the save the turtles movement.I also ordered the cutest clothes from Hadley Rose Boutique and there will be an additional haul with their products. Hadley Rose Boutique is a clothing boutique in South Hadley, but can also be found online where anyone can order! The owner Jenna is the sweetest and her store is amazing and so trendy. I am so happy she reached out!  I got my nails filled because the light pink ones were starting to grow out. While being at school I was unable to go to my usual nail tech. I found VIP Nails about a mile from UMass and they were just as stellar as my nail techs at home! For Valentine’s day I got hot pink marble. As you all know I have been trying to drink more water so an essential has been my light purple Hydro Flask decked out with my Pura Vida stickers (with every Pura Vida order you receive a pack of stickers). It fits perfectly in my backpack and keeps my water cold all day! As for makeup I tend to use the same products everyday until I discover something new to replace one of my old ones. I am a huge glitter girl and I live for my highlighter. Lately I’ve been loving my Anastasia sun dipped glow kit highlighter palette. One of my favorite tricks is beyond highlighting my nose and cheekbones, I love highlighting my collarbone. Finally, my last essential for this week has been my Kendra Scott sparkly necklace in Iridescent Drusy. It adds just the perfect finishing touch to all of my outfits!

So grateful to reflect upon another successful week! As we head into the next one I am setting my intentions for further academic success as the semester progresses and internal peace as the days continue. I wish the same for all of you for this week and every one after! 



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