My Skin Care Routine

Hey guys and happy Saturday! This week I decided to share my nightly skin care routine because I love seeing what other people do in theirs. I am always looking for new products to integrate into my routine. Feel free to drop your favs below!

However, this is what my current winter skincare routine consists of. First I start by using my plush cheetah headband to push my hair out of my face. (This is inspired by my friend Regan.) I purchased my headband at TJ Maxx for only $4 but you can find them anywhere with hair or skin care products. (As usual I will link everything down below, so I will link some down below!). Sometimes I also put the rest of my hair up with a claw clip. Then I use my Billie makeup wipes to take off all my makeup from the day which can range from a full face if I have work to just mascara if it was a typical day. If you’re unfamiliar with Billie, they are primarily a razor brand that does subscriptions where they send you new razor heads, shaving cream, and makeup wipes each month. Since I started using my Billie razor and shaving cream last March, I haven’t gone back to any other shaving products. The same thing with their makeup wipes. I had previously struggled to find a makeup wipe that didn’t irritate my skin, but these ones are very gentle and do the job of removing all of my makeup. 

Once my face is stripped of the day’s makeup, sweat, and I hate to say it but the potential grime or build up that’s occurred throughout the day I use my Mantra face wash to further clean my skin. This Mantra cleanser is PINK which is amazing but it is also very gentle on my skin. I purchased this from my favorite skincare store in the Cape called Cure Wellness Collective in Orleans. The store is absolutely adorable and I love the owner, Ashley. She also runs a podcast and features skincare and wellness products in the store. 

After my face is fully cleansed I go in with my rose quartz products. Rose quartz is one of my favorite healing crystals that is an essential for manifesting love and happiness into your life. First I use my gua sha in intervals of seven on my face. Seven times pushing down from the top of my cheek bone to my chin on each side. I do this to get the blood flowing, but also to firm and tone my face. I then do the same things seven times on each side going from my chin to the bottom of my neck. 777 is my angel number and it symbolizes spirituality and divine guidance. After this I use my rose quartz roller all over my face with the thick side to further get the blood moving and to relax and cool my skin. I recommend keeping these products in the fridge so that you use them cold on your skin. Then using the smaller side of the quartz roller I go under my eyes to prevent bags. 

MOISTURIZE all winter long!!!!! I use a retinol moisturizer from TJ Maxx all over my face after. It is a non name brand one, it literally just says retinol face cream. Retinol is an ingredient in many skincare products that prevents wrinkles. 

Before I put my retainer in I also moisturize and exfoliate my lips. I use the Bubblegum lip scrub from Lush. This has been one of my holy grail products for I kid you not six years. Lush is also one of my all time favorite stores to get skin care and shower products. Two other honorable mentions from them are the  cup o’ coffee face mask and the Snow Fairy shower gel. Finally, I complete the entire routine with the Nivea cocoa butter kiss lip butter.

Following my skin care routine every night is another self care activity I do to keep myself balanced. It benefits my skin and my soul! If you have any products you think I would like to try drop them below!!



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